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You have played the lottery for years.  Or maybe you only have the odd flutter.  You most likely used quick picks, slick picks or some other form of random number generated ticket to play. If you are like most of the population you have won the odd small prize.

I hope you are reading this because your suspect there might be a better way of playing lotto but you're not sure how.

5 facts you need to know about winning lotto.

Fact 1

If you play randomly generated numbers available directly from your lotto agent you reduce your chances of winning lotto – you are basically giving your money to your local Government Lottery.  Sure they do wonderful things with your money like building more hospitals and funding cancer research – but I suspect that you play lottery for the wonderful life changing opportunities it brings to winners.

Fact 2

Most people that win lotteries do so using a systematic approach. This means they use combinations of numbers that have a better chance of providing a win.

Fact 3

Lotteries draw randomly selected numbers to provide the winning numbers- but any brief analysis of lottery draws will show that the drawing of numbers is not as random as we are led to believe.

Fact 4

You have to be in it to win it – but if you are going to play, wouldn’t it be nice to have slightly better chance of winning a good prize.

Fact 5

Not me nor any body else can guarantee a lottery win using any system.  Be extremely aware of any person making unrealistic claims.  If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

If you are feeling a bit suspicious I don’t blame you but please read on to see what I can offer because I do have a very special guarantee.

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Download, read it and if that's all you do then that's great because I hope you learn something about playing lotteries.

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There is a better way to play Lotto

Have you ever wondered if there is a smarter way to play lotto?  My friend it’s time to get all hot and cold.

Any short term analysis of any lottery will find and hot cold numbers.

It makes a lot of sense that if you can find these hot and cold numbers, you stand a better chance of picking up a prize.

What’s a hot number?

If you take a snapshot of numbers over an 8 week period in any lottery you will find numbers that have come up more often than others. If the numbers are coming up as randomly as we are told they should then you would expect a fairly even spread. This is true – it does work out this way over a much longer time frame than 8 weeks.  But if you check the drawing of numbers over a shorter period of time – like 8 weeks – you will find that there will be numbers that have been drawn many times over. These are known as hot numbers. 

Doesn’t it make sense that we can use our knowledge of hot numbers to help pick what might be drawn over the next 8 weeks?

How do you find hot numbers?

To find the hot numbers for the last 8 weeks you need to create a frequency table.  To create your frequency table you need to firstly know how many numbers are in your lotto draw.  Most lotto draws have something like 40, 45 or 50 numbers in the draw. For the sake of our example we are looking at a 45 number lotto. Your frequency table should have 45 columns numbered 1 to 45.  We want to take a snap shot of the last 8 weeks so we need 8 rows in our table.

The rest is fairly simple.

Have a look at the numbers for the first draw.  In our example we will say that the numbers 9, 25, 17, 4, 26 and 33 were drawn. 

Now just place a 1 in row 1 under the number 9, and place a 1 in row 1 under 25, and place a 1 in row 1 under 17 and so on until all 6 numbers are recorded.  See the free example.

Let’s now have a look at the numbers for the second draw.  In our example we have the numbers 3, 25, 28, 34, 8 and 43 drawn.

Now just place a 1 in row 2 under the number 2, and place a 1 in row 2 under 25, and place a 1 in row 2 under 28 and so on until all 6 numbers are recorded. 

This process should be completed until all 8 rows are filled.

Once all the numbers for the 8 weeks worth of draws are entered you can work out which numbers are the hot numbers.

Just run down each column and add the 1’s entered to indicate how many times a number was drawn. Once you have completed this you will find that there are numbers that have been drawn 2, 3 and maybe even 4 times over during the 8 weeks of lottery draws.

To find the hot numbers pick the 8 highest draws for the previous draws

It is possible when doing this to find records of previous draws by going to the website for you lottery. Alternatively you have to keep a running record of draws until you have 8 weeks worth.

What’s a cold number?

A cold number is the opposite of a hot number.  It is a number that hasn’t been drawn much over the previous 8 weeks. Let’s think about this for a minute.  If you could come up with a list of numbers that are statistically under represented for the previous 8 weeks, then shouldn’t this guide us with the numbers that should be played for the next 8 or so weeks?

To find a cold number you look at the numbers in the frequency table that have been drawn the least amount of times over the previous 8 weeks.

My thoughts are that we should know about this information if we are going to play lotto the smart way.

Combining Hot and Cold Numbers

The perfect future based lotto ticket should be a combination of Hot and Cold numbers. A list of Hot Numbers tells us which numbers are on a roll and a list of Cold Numbers tells us which numbers are due over the next few weeks. To create our perfect ticket we need 8 numbers from our Hot Numbers list and 7 Numbers from our Cold Number list. This is a total of 15 numbers that must be combined to provide our perfect ticket.

It sounds so simple- and in a lot of ways it is. But to create your 15 number future based system you need to be able to do one of two options. 

Your first option, if you can afford it, is to play a system that includes every possible combination of the 15 numbers.  Many syndicates or people playing together can raise the necessary money to play such systems.  If you don’t want to outlay the necessary cash to play such large systems you can always wheel or scale your systems.

There are a couple of ways to create a wheeled system.

The first is to do it manually by creating a table using the instructions in the eBook "Play Lotto the Smart Way", or you can use my LottoTeller software to do it for you.  I know which one I would rather use, but feel free to use the manual method.

Wheeling your selections is easy...

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